Our Process

What’s in a name?  To us, a whole heck of a lot!  We provide both health and safety services, integrated into one for unmatched results.

Wellness and safety are more than a product or “service plan,” they’re a journey. We start by helping you discover population health risks. The key to this step: make employees feel comfortable and secure that their information will remain private. Our results: over 90% employee participation and engagement. Best of all: we achieve it without using financial incentives! It’s how we communicate that makes employees want to participate, not feel forced to.

Instead of the “one-size-fits-all” approach to wellness and safety, we invest time and energy into analyzing and understanding your company’s unique health and cultural factors before we recommend a wellness strategy. It all starts with good data.

We are a different kind of wellness company. We realized long ago that engaging employees is the most important aspect of any wellness program. Our process does so the best way possible, one-on-one, face-to-face right in the workplace. Our wellness coaches help companies identify, analyze, control and measure elements of your wellness plan.

Depending on your results from step one and two, integrating the power of our onsite, face-to-face coaching delivery with a technology based coaching support platform, we “turn more people on to wellness” than ever before; getting your employees more interested, more committed, more responsive, and more actively involved in every single aspect of wellness than ever before.

Our Services

  • Face to Face Wellness and Safety Coaching in the Workplace
  • Telephonic, Skype and Facetime Coaching for those Employees Offsite
  • Custom Wellness Population Program Geared to Employees in all Stages of Change